About Us

The Success Company, LLC originated at the University of South Carolina – City of Columbia Technology Incubator, is a technology based career assessment and counseling company dedicated to fulfilling our mission of truly helping people of all ages find the niche in life that ignites their passions. Our research over 15 years has led us to conclude that when a person finds a career direction in life numerous other areas of personal behavior and life choices come into line leading to higher performance and sense of purpose which ultimately leads to happiness. It sounds simple. But sadly the “standard” assessment tools used in schools and the general career counseling world are based on antiquated models that simply match either your personality or your self-described areas of interest to match you with a career. These simplistic methods do not tell you what internal drives you have that will make you personally satisfied and happy in those fields. The old tests simply tell that you are “X” and most “X” people go into “Y” career field. They don’t account for you as an individual and your internal drives and passions nor do they tell you if most “X” people are happy doing “Y” career.

We have researched and designed a very unique, patent-pending online assessment program that shows the individual his interests, personality, behavior traits and most importantly passions. This assessment utilizes a form of artificial intelligence to tailor each assessment to the individual based on their responses – so no two people take the exact same test. This program then indexes these responses across a catalog of over 12,000 specific career titles and tells you in descending order which you are most able to excel in and most passionate about. This allows you to then plan your high school and/or college academic life, plan for internships, research the careers and plan for a life path that gives you the best opportunities to excel in the field you choose. This has a beneficial side effect in that you streamline your curriculum saving thousands of dollars of tuition cost and allows you to graduate on time without switching majors or in some cases colleges.

For those in the job market this assessment would streamline job searches and ease transition time from one field to another. This would allow for planning around job transitions such as financial planning and additional job specific training. This would assist the individual to get out of a field in which they are unhappy and into a field that their passions are suited for with the least disruption to their life. This would lead to greater career stability and productivity over the long term.

Our Corporate Mission 

Assist students of all ages, as well as those in the work force seeking a career field and those contemplating a career change to find the career they are passionate about and will find personal happiness performing.

Make high school and college planning more efficient and less costly through providing a career guide that lessens switching of majors, wasted courses and wasted tuition and shortens the time to final graduation.

Assist those currently in the workforce to find the job/career that brings them the highest level personal satisfaction and make them a more productive and satisfied individual.

Make this assessment tool affordable to people of all income levels while making a reasonable profit for our investors.

Create a color blind, gender blind assessment tool that takes the “blinders” off of all people allowing them to dream and become that which God intended.

The experts of The Success Company, LLC (through it’s successor corporation College and Career Matchup, LLC) have conducted assessments on 20,000 individuals around the world, creating computer profiles of high-performance traits for Fortune 500 Corporations and Large Hospital networks. Our experts have written countless articles and books on the subject of workplace performance and motivation, and our product development team has created several cutting-edge innovations to help increase profits in companies of all sizes. Many of our processes are patent-pending, and our consultants are frequent expert guests for television, radio, and public presentations as featured guest on news segments of WFAA-TV, KISS FM, CBS and FOX television affiliates, as well as KLTY and KCBI radio.